WHIST Analysis

WHIST Analysis

WHIST Analysis


You have just seen a number of scenes, characters and objects in a variety of constellations.

There are no right or wrong answers. There are no assumed scenarios other than those conjured up by your own impressions and conscious or unconscious associations.

We are all trying to make sense of the world around us all the time. Whenever faced with ambiguous situation or stimuli, our minds unconsciously create links and fill the gaps with familiar contents. Our interpretations describe the perceived reality just as much as they reveal the workings of our own unconscious.

What draws our attention may be just as important as what we fail to notice. There may be important reasons for us not to see certain things even when they stare us in the eye.

Things remind us of other things.

Things make us forget about other things.

Forgotten things return.

Do they take us by the hand or do they take us aback?

The following commentary brings together different aspect of the VR experience you have just completed. Its aim is not to provide any answers, but to inspire questions, reflections and insights into the unique meaning the performance may have for you.

In art, as much as in real life, our imagination is captured by people and things which resonate with our inner life.