The Waldorf Project Chapter Two, Three and Four


The Waldorf Project is an immersive experience on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses.
The experience united the senses through food, scent, drink, movement, sound, and environment.

Aoi and Esteban directed movement of the performers and audience.

Chapter Two/Colour: 2013-2015
Chapter Three/Futuro: 2015-2018
Chapter Four/Barakh: 2018-2019



Artistic director, Food design, Environment design
Sean Rogg
Performance Chapter Two
Eirini Apostolatou, Georges Hann, Monsur Ali, Alexandra Jakovic
Performance Chapter Three
Chihiro Kawasaki, Ichi-Go, Yen-Ching Lin, Mami Izumi
Performance Chapter Four
Yen-Ching Lin, Francesco Migliaccio, Adam Seid Tahir, Lucija Bozicevic, Perle Cayron, Giulia Iurza, Lucia Sauro, Yu-Hsien Wu
Food design, Chef
Vanessa Kryceve (Chapter Two)
Food Consultant
Bruno Viala (Chapter Two)
Justin Alexander Horne (Chapter Two)
Environment design
Greg Shaw Chapter Two, Three, Four)
Sound design
Alessio Natalizia/Not Waving (Chapter Two, Three, Four)
Costume design
Elena Martin (Chapter Two, Three, Four)
Food & Liquid Design Chapter Three
Max Castaldo
Liquid Design
Max Charter (Chapter Three), Drake Aldrich (Chapter Four))

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